a girl and her cat

the villian has arrived

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a girl and her cat

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It's useful being top banana in the shock department.

Olivia is the name
&& if you didnt already know... I'm kind of a big deal haha not really.
I live in Colorado, and have my whole life.
So I get to hang out with my awesome friends everyday.
I live my life by a saying my mom always told me.
Dream it. Be it.
I'm sarcastic. So get used to it.
If you're bored.. you're boring.
So be unique.
I can't live without the beach or the mountains.
Sushi.. pretty much the way to my heart haha.
I'm an extreeemely driven && determined girl.
I got a 4.1 in high school.
I try and be a good role model for the young ones.
I plan on doing big things in the world and want to do it with class.

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